How to Crop in Inkscape

You probably a little bit confused to crop your artwork in Inkscape since there is no Crop tools in there. Well there is another way to do it. We can do crop in Inkcape with Clip command in Inkscape.

Step 1

For this example, I’ll be using this cyber security guy. I should also note that if you’re wanting to crop an entire scene, make sure everything is Grouped. (select everything (Ctrl+A), Object > Group).

In this case I want to crop only the guy working with his laptop.

1. Security department vector

Step 2

Next, grab the Rectangle tool and draw an area that you’d like to crop. As you can see below, I’ve intentionally made my rectangle transparent so that I could see the area under it.

2. how to crop in inkscape

Step 3

With both the scene and the rectangle selected, head up to Object > Clip > Set to crop.

3. how to use clip in inkscape

Step 4

Here is my cropped result.

4. guy working with his laptop vector

Step 4

It is good if you have clearer image to crop, but this one on example is not that clear. The map and the line is merged with the crop.

5. how to edit cropped objects in inkscape

Actually we can still edit them.

Double Click on any object in the backgroud area. If it an object, it will activate the Selection tool.

6. editing clipped object in inkscape

Step 5

Drag them to the top or any sides, it will disappear when it cross the border. Do the same to another object.

7. clearing background in inkscape

Step 6

Once you are done removing those object, press Ctrl+A to Select all objects, it will show up the original size before cropped. Then Group them (Ctrl+G), The size will be back to the cropped size.

Now we have clear cropped image.

8. cara crop di inkscape

Cropping with Another Shape

Cropping in inkscape does not have to be with the rectangular tool, you can use Circle, Poligon or another object you made with another tools.

For example below we will use Ellipse tool, many Ellipse to Crop the image.

9. crop in inkscape with circular object

Remember to make both object grouped before Cropping. Here is the result. Looks more vary and creative :)

10. how to crop with circle object in inkscape

Reference: GoInkscape

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