Finger Print Vector Tutorial

So I am planning of making phone security vector pack and I am going to include Finger print as one of the phone security login vector.

I searched on Pixabay to get some finger print reference. While going to draw something, you too should search around free web and find reference to have more knowledge about the things you are going to draw. I found this image;


Well…. that is too hard to draw, and too small to see If we put it on phone.

So I decided to make one new.

In this tutorial we will use Outset Command a lot, and this command actually have very good functions in vector drawing, I like using offset command when drawing character and the clothing.


We are going to use white color for some object including the outermost object. To avoid confusion we will use Blue color as background in this tutorial.

Pick Rectangle tool, draw a square (Press Ctrl while using the rectangle tool).

1. blue square

Step 1

Use Rectangle tool, create a rectangle long to bottom. In this tutorial I use W: 23 and H: 132 px (as you can see on the property bar. Drag the round handle to bottom a little or just use the Ry value, Ry: 11.600.

3. drawing fence

Step 2

Click on the object we made on step 1, Duplicate it (Ctrl+D), Click Path >> Outset or just simply press (Ctrl+)).

The duplicated object will get larger. Color it white, and lower it (Page down).

4. how outset work in inkscape

Step 3

Click on the white object we made on step 2, Duplicate it (Ctrl+D), Click Path >> Outset or just simply press (Ctrl+)).

The duplicated object will get larger. Color it blue (same as the first object’s color, and lower it (Page down).

5. outset usage in inkscape vector

Step 4

Keep doing the same stuff until you get 5 layers of the white layer.

6. running laps vector

Step 5

In order to make it more realistic we need to make some layer looks like divided. We can modify the nodes for some object layer in order to make this divider. But….

7. troll meme for vector tutorial

It is too hard to modify so many nodes, and very time-consuming. Pick your Ellipse tool, draw a small white circle. And put it on blue layer.

8. drawing finger print vector tutorial

Step 6

Copy (Ctrl+C) the white circle and paste (Ctrl+V) it around, on second and third blue layer only.

9. free finger print vector

Final Touch

You can Add Grid or a light Scanner to the object, making it looks more realistic. Activate the Page Grid (#) to help you make the grid objects.

10. using grid as guide lines in inkscape

Deactivate the grid and this is the final result.

11. finger print vector tutorial

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