How to Draw a Soccer Ball using 3D Polyhedron Render

There is simple way to draw a soccer ball using Inkscape. Most people just draw it manually or use tracing method to draw it. We are going to use 3D Polyhedron Render tool which give us an accurate calculation of the ball lining.

Alright now open your Inkscape and let’s start this.

Step 1

Go to Extention menu >> Render >> 3D Polyhedron

1. how to draw 3d ball in inkscape

Step 2

There will be a 3D Polyhedron setting window appear with 3 tabs in it. The tabs are Model File, View and Style. Each tab has Menu and Submenu. Configure the menu and submenu like this:

Tab Model file

  • Object: Truncated Icosahedron
  • Filename: Soccerball.obj
  • Object Type: Face-Specified


Tab View

  • Rotate around: Y-Axis
  • Rotation, degress: 45,0
  • Then rotate around: Y-Axis
  • Rotation, degress: 45,0
  • Then rotate around: Y-Axis
  • Rotation, degress: 30,0
  • Then rotate around: Y-Axis
  • Rotation, degress: 0,0
  • Then rotate around: Z-Axis
  • Rotation, degress: 45,0
  • Then rotate around: Y-Axis
  • Rotation, degress: 0,0


Tab Style

  • Scaling factor: 100,0
  • Fill color, Red: 255
  • Fill color, Green: 255
  • Fill color, Blue: 255
  • Fill opacity, %: 100
  • Stroke opacity, %: 100
  • Stroke width, px: 2,0
  • Shading: active (check it)
  • Light X: 1,0
  • Light Y: 0,9
  • Light Z: -2,0
  • Show: Faces
  • Draw back-facing polygons: active (check)

Z-sort faces by: Minimum

2. truncated isocahedron vector render

If everything have set correctly, Click Apply and a new object and some polygon inside it will be rendered.

5. 3d polyhedron ball

Step 3

The 3D object created is combined by default. Since we have to color the polygon one by one, we have to separate the polygons. The easiest way to do it is ungrouping them. To perform Ungroup, Click Object >> Ungroup or press Shift+Ctrl+G on keyboard.

6. ungrouping object in inkscape

Step 4

The step is coloring the polygons one by one using color palette or swatches. You can color it like most soccer ball color, black and white. I use Black and grey for next steps so you wont confused since the background is white.

7. coloring soccerball vector tutorial

Step 5

As you see on the picture. The ball are not perfectly rounded. We can make it round using an ellipse and clip it.

Group the polygons first, Select all then (Ctrl+G)

Click Ellipse tool, draw a circle that almost the same size with the ball but little bit smaller. Put it above the ball object. Select both of them, Click Menu Object >> Clip >> Set

8. object clipping in inkscape

Step 6

So now wee have perfect round for the ball but it looks kinda weird since it doesn’t have an outline. We can add it manually using Ellipse tool. Draw a circle as big as the ball, remove the fill and pt it beneath the ball object.

You can adjust the Stroke width in Menu Object >> Fill and Stroke >> Stroke Style.

9. how to draw ball vector in inkscape

We are done. Enjoy drawing Sport illustration with ball in it. Sorry for my english, I tried my best. Hope this guide helps you draws better using Inkscape.

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Reference: Manual-Inkscape by Istana Media

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