How to Draw Simple Calendar

A few days ago I uploaded an illustration of Data Security. Here is the picture and you can get the editable file here. There is a Desktop and a calendar in it.

1. vector ninja dan keamanan

So I decided to make a tutorial of drawing the calendar since it is pretty easy to start and friendy for beginners.

Here is the calendar we are going to draw

2. how to draw calendar vector in inkscape

Let’s just start this

Step 1

Use Rectangle tools, create a square (press Ctrl while creating the square) 288×288 px. Drag the round handler a little bit to bottom. Or Ry: 17 px in the screen.

3. cara membuat gambar desain kalender di inkscape

Step 2

Paint it with yellow color (RGBA: ffeb3bff) and remove the stroke. If You using Google swatches you can paint it with yellow500.

4. yellow 500 color google material design swatches

Step 3

This will be the front page of the calendar. Skew the square to left

5. how to skew object in inkscape

Step 4

Allright this is actually 6in1 step, ahahahahahaha. All of them are easy to do so I will just save the screen area.

  1. Duplicate (Ctrl+D) the square object that we skewed on step 3.
  2. Move it to the left (Ctrl+drag left)
  3. Flip it Horizontally (H)
  4. Paint it darker (RGBA: f9a825ff)
  5. Lower it (PageDown)
  6. Adjust the position to match with the other one.

6. how to draw tend vector using inkscape

Step 5

Now we will draw the base pad of the calendar. Use Rectangle tool, draw a 288×43 rectangle. Draw the round handler to bottom like this below (Ry: 11.7)

7. drawing bar in inkscape

Step 6

Draw it blue-grey (RGBA: 78909cff) and remove the stroke. Put it below the first objects we created.

8. BLUE-grey color google material design color

Step 7

Duplicate (Ctrl+D)  the object we made in Step 6, drag the left handler and adjust it match with the backside of the calendar page object. Paint it with darker color (RGBA: 546e7aff). Lower the object to bottom (End).

9. HOW TO CREAte calendar in inkscape

Step 8

Add a number in the calendar using Text tool. It have to be 01 – 31 of course. I use the font News706 BT which is installed on Windows 7 by default. For example I add number 01. Skew the number to match with the calendar page skewing.

10. how to design desk calendar using vector image editor

It’s done. It is basically so simple to draw right? we only use 5 objects in it.

You can Add more detail like Month and Year or another finishing touch.

11. calendar design tutorial

Thanks for reading, Hope this inkscape vector tutorial helps you better at drawing with inkscape.


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