How to Draw a Phone Quickly in Inkscape

You can draw a phone quickly with only using Rectangular Tool in Inkscape. There are 4 total objects and what you need to do is to round the corner correctly.

Since this is a flat illustration we dont have to draw it so detail but clear enough to represent the image.

First Rectangle

Create a rectangle using Rectangular Tool (F4). Just make it like normal phone size in your canvas.

1. first rectangular

Drag the round handle on the corner to the bottom a little bit. Or as you see on my object properties: Rx: 0.000 Ry. 5.888

2. rounded corner in inkscape

Second Rectangle

Create another rectangle as the screen. Draw it like the first one but smaller. You don’t need to round this one.

3. how to draw phone screen in inkscape

Third Rectangle

The third rectangle will represent the speaker. So we will just need to create a little rectangle above the screen object. Make the rectangle extends to the side.

The object position doesn’t have to be so centre since we have to put the last object beside it. But most phone actually have it right in the centre so you can put it as you like.

If you want to make it in the centre you can use Align and Distribute (Ctrl+Shift+A) to make it symmetrical. Choose Centre on Vertical Axis.

4. how to create phone speaker in inkscape

Still in Rectangle tool mode, drag the circle handle down very slightly.

5. how to round rectangle in inkscape

Fourth Rectangle

The last rectangle, will represent the phone’s camera. Draw a square first. You can use Ctrl while drawing it to make a perfect square.

6. how to draw phone camera in inkscape

Drag the circle handle down about 30% of the square’s height.

7. cara membuat kamera handphone di inkscape

It’s done. Yup it is easy drawing this little guy. I dont event use the Page Grid while drawing this phone. The next stage is coloring it.


I am using grey color on this phone vector. But remember that Phone color is actually have unlimited choices. Dont hesitate to use catchy, colorful/teenager color or soft ones.


8. how to color phone drawing

Remove all strokes on the objects to make it look clean and the flat style will be more prominent.

Here is the final result.

9. final result of phone vector drawing

I hope this guide helps you draw better in Inkscape.

And sorry for my english :)

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