How to Draw Partial Infographic Vector

This is Part 2 of Infographic Icons drawing tutorial. Read Part 1 here. There will be 9 in total an I am still working on it.

How to Draw Infographic Vector

When writing infographic post or presentation, sometimes we need some kind of partial images that separate some function or sub-post. In this tutorial we will use polygon tool to make it.

Click on Polygon tool in your inkscape.

7. create stars and poligons using inkscape

  • Draw a hexagon using Polygon tool, choose regular polygons instead of stars. Use 6 corners.
  • Use rotation to make it straight like below. Use Guide lines if necessary.
  • Adjust the round by increasing rounded value on the property bar.

8. how to draw poligons in inkscape

  • Duplicate (Ctrl+D) that hexagon, make it smaller.
  • Select both hexagon, and open Align and Distribute (Ctrl+Shift+A). Choose center on vertical axis and center on horizontal axis. The smaller hexagon will be placed right in the middle of big hexagon.
  • Select them both again, click Path >> difference (Ctrl+-). The big hexagon will be cut by the small hexagon.

9. how to cut object using inkscape

Now we need to divide that object to become six parts. We just need a little rectangle to do that.

  • Use Rectangle tool, create a long stik that cover the hexagon length.
  • Put it right in the middle of hexagon area, you can use Align and distribute – center on vertical (and horizontal) axis to be sure.
  • Duplicate the stick object, Ctrl+Rotate the stick until 60 degree. Ctrl+rotate will rotate your object every 15 degree which means you just 4 step of rotation to make it 60.
  • Duplicate that rotated stick and flip it horizontally (H).

10. how to draw boat steer wheel vector in inkscape

  • Select the first stick and the hexagon, click Path >> Difference (Ctrl+-). The hexagon will cut by the stick.
  • Do the same method to cut the hexagon using the second and third stick
  • The hexagon is now divided but they are still in one path, which means you can’t fill them with different color right now. You need to click the hexagon and then click Path >> Break Apart (Shift+Ctrl+K). The hexagon already divided now and became six piece of object.
  • Fill them with different color.

11. how to make partial infographic using inkscape

  • Select all objects, Rotate them like the following picture below.
  • Create circle object like in #1 (statistic icon) tutorial, or just copy it if you already made it.
  • Place it in outer edge of the hexagon
  • Apply it to all edge of the hexagon
  • It’s done

12. how to draw infographic vector using inkscape

I hope this simple inkscape vector tutorials helps you improve you drawing skill of using inkscape. Thanks for visiting.

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