How to Draw an Illustration of Recharging Phone Battery

How to Draw an Illustration of Recharging Phone Battery

This time we will draw an illustration with a phone inside it, a recharging phone’s battery illustration.

The tools used are more vary than the previous tutorial but all of it is basic tools, friendly for beginner.

Before we Start

This illustation will using grid in order to get neat result.Please activate the grid first (View >> Page Grid).

Creating the background

Backround usually created in the end of tutorials. But since we will draw white objects on the canvas then we need to create a background with apropriate color first.

Step 1

Use Rectangle tool, draw a rectangle with Widht: 1081 and Height: 761. You can input the value manually on the Property Bar. Locate the rectangle to fit to the Grid tiles.

Give it blue color. RGB: 26c6da

If you are using Google Swatches then the color is Cyan 400

I will create a post how to install/use google swatches as color palette later.

1. how to create background rectangle in inkscape

Step 2

Click the Ellipse tool (F5). Create a circle with Widht: 560 and Height: 560. Put it in the middle of the Rectangle background we made in the first step.

Color it with darker blue. RGB: 00bcd4

If you are using Google Swatches then the color is Cyan 500

2. adding square object on the backround to sweets the image

Drawing the Phone

We already have a post about drawing the phone in here. It is very easy and quick to draw it using only 4 rectangles.

Put the phone in the middle of Circle object.

8. how to color phone drawing

Drawing the Phone’s Charger
Step 1 – Drawing the Mini Usb

Click Rectangle tool, Draw a Small rectangle below the Phone. Width: 20 Height: 26.

Fit the Corners to the Grid. Paint it white and remove the stroke.

3. mini usb vector drawing tutorial

Step 2 – Drawing the Cable

Use Pen tool (Shift+F6). Start from the bottom of the Mini USB object, draw the cable like the picture below. Since we are using grid in here the grid will help you make the cable straight while using the Pen tool.

4. drawing the phone cable vector

Please notice that to make good looking corner on this object, we will need 9 tiles of the grid.

Put the nodes of the corner like in the picture below. If have draw it but a little bit wrong, you can use Edit path by nodes (F2) to fix it.

5. how to make good cerner design

Step 3 – Smoothing the Corners

Use Zoom tool to make the object larger so we can see more tiles of the grid. This will help us to edit the corners easier.

Press F2 and the cursor will be in Edit Path mode. Drag the middle of corner’s line to the corner.

6. drawing good corner on designing

The nodes will have a handle. Use the Handle and the grid to fix the corner lining.

7. fixing corner vector design

Apply on each nodes of each corners.

8. fixing corners in design

Remove the stroke and paint it white. Now we got this far.

9. how to draw phone cable

Step 4 – Drawing the Socket

Use Rectangle tool (F4). Draw a 15 x 80 rectangle in the right side of the background. Paint it gray 70%. And draw a little ellipse, put it in the top-middle of the rectangle. Paint it orange. This is just to indicate that the electricity is on.

10. plugin socket

Use the Pen tool. Draw the stecker like in the picture below.

11. phone charger vector

And draw a rectangle beside it which more likely to be a removable usb plug.

12. cara membuat gambar hp dengan inkscape

Paint it white and remove the strokes.

13. cara membuat charger hp dengan inkscape

Step 5 – Drawing another cable

Use the previous method of drawing the cable, Draw the cable like this.

14. plugins vector

Drawing the Charging Indication on the Phone Screen
Step 1

Draw a rectangle first. W: 51 H: 96 px. Paint it blue-grey RGB: 78909c.

15. creating square vector

Step 2

Draw another rectangle with smaller size and put it inside the first rectangle. Paint it darker. RGB: 607d8b

16. cara membuat charging indicator

Step 3

Copy the rectangle on Step 2. And paint it green. Click on Path menu and choose Object to path.

Each corner of the rectangle will be editable. Drag the top corners down (press ctrl while dragging it). Edit the path to make it looks like water wave.

17. water in glass vector

Step 4

Create a little rectangle above it to make it look more like a battery. Group them and put them in the middle of phone’s screen.

18. how to create a phone illustration

It’s done. This is the final result.

19. phone battery recharge vector

I hope this tutorial help you draws better in Inkscape. And Sorry for my english ok :D

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