How to Draw Analytic or Statistic Vector

Drawing Statistic Icon Tutorial

Hello again, This time I will share about drawing analytic or statistic Infographic Icon. This Icons was made using basic tools in inkscape and is pretty easy for beginners. This post is part of drawing total 9 Infographic Icon which is I will make the post one by one (or two).

This is the Icon we are going to draw (The first Icon) ; You can get the raw file here just in case you need the reference.

109. statistic pack

This kind of Icon used often in analytical or statistical post in websites or blog.

How to Draw Statistical Infographic Icon in Inkscape

Use Rectangle tool and draw a square. Drag the round handle to bottom a little and give it Yellow color (RGBA: ffeb3bff)

1. draw box using inkscape

– Use Ellipse tool, draw a small circle inside the square object. Color it white.
Copy that circle object and color it blue (RGBA: 03a9f4ff).
– Make the blue circle smaller and put it in the middle of white circle. You can use Align and Distribute function to make it sure that the blue circle is exactly right in the middle of white cirlce. – — Group (Ctrl+G) these circles

2. how to draw a button using inkscape

Copy (Ctrl+C) The circle object to become 4 circle object and put the position like this;

3. button positioning - inkscape

Use Rectangle tool, draw a long rectangle, this will be the connector of each dot / circle.
Color it white and put it behind the dots.

4. how to draw a connector using inkscape

– Copy (Ctrl+C) the bar and paste it to all dots. You need to short some bar but you have to maintain the bar width as well.
– Some bar may out of rectangle area but you can fix it using Intersect command.

5. how to draw analytic icon vector

The last thing is to draw the blue area. Actually this is also very simple.

– Duplicate (Ctrl+D) the yellow rectangle, new yellow rectangle object will be create right in the same place as the source object.
– Paint it light blue (RGBA: 00ccffff)
– Press (Ctrl+Shift C) or Path >> Object to path, this will make the rectangle more editable. Click Node tool (F2) and you will see 8 editing nodes in that blue rectangle.
Ctrl+drag-to-bottom the node in the left edge until it meet the white bar.
Ctrl+drag-to-bottom the node in the right edge until it meet the white bar.
– Drag another nodes to circles object.
– Add another node by double click the line between nodes. And then put the node to the circle object.
– Send that object to bottom using lower command (Page down)
It’s done. :)

6. how to draw statistic vector in inkscape

I hope this post post helps improve your drawing skill using Inkscape, Thanks for visiting.

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