How to Draw Adorable Lion in Inkscape

In this tutorial I will explain how to draw adorable lion head step by step using Inkscape. All the tools we used here are the basic ones so this is really friendly for beginner.

Step 1

Activate the Pen Tool (Shift+F6), Create a roughly shaped heart. Only six nodes, like in the picture below.

Paint it with brown color.
R: 230
G: 127
B: 34

1. creating basic shape - roughly shaped heart

Step 2

Activate the Page Grid from View menu (or just simply press #). Pick the Shape tool from Toolbar (F2).

2. shape tool inkscape

Fix the nodes position of the heart object, make it more symmetrical. This object will be the head object.

3. create object in grid with inkscape

Tips: there are so much boxes on it and slows our work if we have to count it one-by-one everytime right? You can get rid of counting by creating a rectangular object from the edge to the middle. And then Duplicate it and drag it to the other side.

4. tips on using grid in inkscape

Step 3

Now we have to create the face. We can create the face using Poligon tool on the Toolbar.

5. poligon tool inkscape

Make sure you choose the Regular Poligon on the Property bar.

6. regular poligon tool inkscape

Create the poligon, the size is smaller than the head object.

7. creating poligon object in inkscape

Step 4

Normal poligonal object only have one handle. We have to make it more editable. Select the poligon object and then press Ctrl+Shift+c. It will convert the poligonal object to a path and make it more editable. You can do this from Path menu as well.

8. converting poligon to path in inkscape

Double click it quickly (The object will be in Shape tool mode) and now you see we have 5 nodes in it.

9. how to edit poligon in inkscape

Step 5

Still in the Shape tool mode, Press Ctrl+A. All nodes will automatically selected.

10. how to select all nodes in inkscape easily

We are going to make all that curved lines become straight. Click the Make selected segment lines on Property bar. Now the lines are straight.

11. how to make selected segment lines in inkscape

Step 6

Now we back to the head object to fit this poligon object there as the face. Make the poligon object smaller, use the grid to place the node precisely.

Paint it with yellow color.
R: 241
G: 196
B: 15

12. how to draw lion head in inkscape

Step 7

We will draw the eyes in this step. We can simply draw the eye using Ellipse tool (F5). Hold Ctrl while creating it to make it a perfect circle.

13. how to create lion eye in inkscape

Tips: Don’t hesitate to use the zoom tool in order to get better view and better drawing.

Then we need a little light reflection to make it better to look. Just duplicate the circle object, make it much smaller and put it near the corner of the eyes. Paint it White.

14. how to create animal eye in inkscape

Step 8

Time to create the nose. Create the nose using Ellipse tool too. This time no need to hold the Ctrl key because we need to create it more longer to the side.

15how to create animal nose in inkscape

Step 9

We need to create the mouth as well. We will use Pen tool on this one. Draw the mouth like this below. Fix it using Shape tool.

16. drawing animal mouth

And then paint it black and remove the stroke.

16. how to draw animal mouth in inkscape


We will give it a background with smooth color and good constrast. I think this smooth pink is suitable for it. And this tutorial of making adorable lion is done.

Use Rectangle tool to make the background.

The color code is:
R: 255
G: 230
B: 213

17. how to give background to image in inkscape

Final Touch

You may add your own final touch the the image like giving it half shadow. To give it halpf shadow, you need to duplicate head and face object nd then cut them in half. Recolor it with darker color using the color wheel.

18. how to draw lion in inkscape final

That’s all. This is should be easy enough for beginner. Once you done drawing with this one, another animal will be fun to draw too. Thanks for reading.




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