How to Add A Very Simple Watermark in Images

Some of us want to put attribution or credit manually on images. Especially if the images is for commercial purpose.

There is a very simple way to add a simple, but still elegant watermark in inkscape. Basically we only need 4 Steps to do it.

Step 1

Add the Picture you want to have a watermark in it. You can add it by dragging the picture from explorer/the image directory to the Inkscape canvas. You can use Import Command (Ctrl+I) as well.

For example I will use this photo of a book, a glass and a stabillo marker.


Step 2

Pick Text tool, write your desired watermark name above the picture.

Note: The watermark can be a text like website or company name and it can be logo too. It can be combination of logo and text. In this tutorial we only use text.

1. solid watermark vector

But bro.. That picture deserve better font, it is not recommended to use a default one.


Still in Text tool mode, choose the font that suitable with the text you write. I use Exotc350 DmBd BT

3. adding watermark to images

Step 3

Set the Transparency of the text, Press Ctrl+Shift+F and Set the Alpha (Opacity) to 90.

4. how to set transparecy in inkscape

Note: The color and transparency value is depend on your image it can be lower or higher. Here I tried with dark color image.

5. watermark lighting

Step 4

Convert the Text to Path (Ctrl+Shift+C) to make it as a solid path. We are done with this tutorial. You can now Export it as a bitmap file (PNG).



There are so many kind of watermark design on earth, you can use your own design or creativity. Like this one for example, I use only Stroke and totally remove the color.

6. how to add watermark in image

I am also still looking how to use the gaussian blur or cross blur to apply in watermarking using Inkscape. These blur methode are actually good. If you know it please tell me ok :D

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