How to Add Picture to text in Inkscape

You might want to add picture as the color of your text; like when you want to wish someone happy birthday with giving them a card with their face in the text.


This is actually a basic knowledge in Inkscape but since not everyone know it please let me write it :)

In a simple word, basically you just need to import the picture, add a text above it, change the text to path and clip them.

In step by step with picture, please follow the tutorial below.

Step 1

Import (Ctrl+i) a picture you want merge with the text to your canvas. Or just Drag it from your directory window.

In this tutorial I am going to add a rose picture.If you need good picture with full grant (cc0/public domain), here are the list of website that provide cc0/public domain images.


Step 2

Use Text tool.

  • Write a Text you desire above the picture.
  • Choose the suitable font you want
  • Adjust the size of the Text using Selection tool
  • Select All text >> Path >> Object to Path. The text is now an object, you can’t change the font anymore but the path will be editable and able to be clipped.
  • Group all the text object (Ctrl+G)

2. how to add text in inkscape

Step 3

Select the Picture and the text object. Click menu Object >> Clip >> Set.

3. how to use clip command in inkscape

It is done, Only 3 steps :)

4. how to merge picture and text in inkscape

Tips 1

Use Thick or large font if you want the image to be prominent.

5. jump vector

Tips 2  

Use Picture with minimalist color if you just want to attach importance of the font’s color.

6. stars and rabbit - universe you were

If you just want to take the color of the picture, the picture doesn’t not to be relevant with the text, and vice versa.

The beauty of the font is another important aspect on design and writing, don’t hesitate to take a litle time of yours to explore the web and get some good font. Google already release google font as well and the shapes is really friendly for graphic designers.

I hope this article helps you understand Inkscape better. Sorry for my English ok :)

Cage photo source: Youtube

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