How to Add Long Shadow Effect on Flat Design

There are basically 2 ways to add long shadow effect on flat design using Inkscape. Technically there are 86 ways but let’s focus on this 2. Just kidding bro, I don’t know either how much is it technically.

  1. Add long shadow manually using Pen tool.

This kind of shadow is suitable for simple main object.

  • Prepare the flat design.
  • Use Pen tool (shift+f6), draw the shadow.
  • Lower the shadow object, color it darker than the background. In this tutorial I use Material design swatches; background color: Cyan400 and Shadow Color: Cyan600. Remove the stroke.
  • Duplicate (Ctrl+D)the background object, select it and select the shadow object as well.
  • Go to menu Path >> Intersect
  • It is done, just that simply.
  • You can use Gradient color or Transparency to smooth the shadow if you want.

2. how to add long shadow on flat design

Tips on Coloring the Shadow.

Just in case you use random color and have no any darker color for it on palette or swatches, just simply use black color and drop the opacity (transparency). It works good as well.

12. how to color a shadow in inkscape

  1. Add long shadow using Motion

Step 1

Prepare the Flat design. In this tutorial I am using this rabbit vector flat design.

3. rabbit vector flat design

Step 2

T o use Motion, we have to use a single path object, not a stack of obejcts or grouped object. The image I use is a stack of object and I have to duplicate (Ctrl+D)them first and combine (Ctrl++ or Path >> Combine) them. If your image is grouped then you have to ungroup it first to able to combine them.

The object must be a path, if it’s not a path then you need to change them (Path >> Object to path).

4. rabbit vector shadow

Step 3

Select the new object we just created. Click Extention >> Generate from Path >> Motion.

5. inkscape extention - generate from path, motion

There will be a little pop up window asking for setting.

  • Magnitude is the shadow’s length
  • Angel is the shadow’s angel

Check the Live Preview if want to see it before you apply the motion effect.

6. inkscape motion setting confirguration

I use default value and this is the result:

7. give long shadow to flat design

Step 4

Send it to back and give it darker color.

8. send long shadow to back

Step 5

The shadow object we created by Motion is actually group of many object. And we need to change it to be a single object.

Click the shadow object, Ungroup it (press Ctrl+U or Object >> Ungroup), Click Path >> Combine.

Here is the result, you will notice that all line inside the object disappear.

9. adding long shadow to drawing

Step 6

Duplicate the background, Select the backround and shadow object, Path >> Intersect. And it’s done.

10. how to remove unused object in inkscape

Add Long Shadow to Text.

Basically it has the same way, You just need to change the text to path (Ctrl+Shift+C), ungroup and then combine (Ctrl++) the text object.

11. HOW to add long shadow to text

That’s it. Thank you for visiting :)

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