Using RGBA Color Code in Inkscape

Most of tutorial written by me provide RGBA Color Code to present what color I am using. RGBA Color code is Hexadecimal RGBA value of the color. RGB is the color and A is the opacity (transparency).

How To Define RGBA Color Code of an object

You can define an RGBA Color code of an object by selecting that object and then click on menu Object >> Fill and Stroke. Or just simply press Ctrl+Shift+F on your keyboard. There will be Fill and Stroke appear on your inkscape side bar.

1. fill and stroke menu in inkscape

For example you are selecting this red dot, The RGBA value or code will appear on RGBA Column;

2. how to use rgba color code in inkscape

How to use or paste RGBA color code in inkscape

So… If I, or someone else give/provide RGBA color code in inkscape tutorials or learning website, please just paste the code in the RGBA column and the object you selected will automatically be recolored by that code.

For example this one; Select any object (I will select that circle object again) and paste this RGBA color code in the RGBA column: 512da8ff
The circle object is now turned dark purple

3. how to use hexadecimal value in inkscape

This RGBA Color column is very helpful for me (for you as well if you actually use it to copy some Rgba codes) since it is so easy just to select and copy the code and paste it to my posts.

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