How to Raise and Lower Objects in Inkscape

Have you ever draw some objects but when you color them the object orders are not on their right position? Yup I am often experiencing this too. But don’t worry because inkscape provides easy way to raise and lower object in canvas.

1. how to raise and lower object, how to lift and drop object

There are some command available in Inkscape to help us raise and lower the object. This like lifting an object through another object or drop them down through another object(s).

You can find the command on Object Menu

2. up and down object in inkscape

Raise (Page Up)

Raise to lift an object through another object. It will make object you selected raise one layer.

This picture below for example. When you select the circle object and do Raise (page up) it will raise upper the layer above it.

3. raise object in inkscape

Lower (Page Down)

Lower is the reverse of Raise. Doing Lower (Page Down) when selected an object will make it drop one object below it.

For example the Star object in the picture below.

4. lower drop down object in inkscape

Raise to Top (Home)

You can raise an object to the top of object layers simply with this command. Just select the object and press Home button on the keyboard and the object will go to the top of layers. Like the circle object in the picture below.

5. raise to top object in layer

Another example of rising an object to top: Raising hair to the top of the character image.

5.2 raising an object to top

Lower to Bottom (End)

You can drop an object to bottom too by doing this command. This command often using in making frame or background for final touch of art.

To perform Lower to Bottom just select the object and press End on your keyboard.

6. lower down dropobject to bottom of layer

Another example on lowering object to bottom: giving rectangular background to and image. Creating it first in the top of the image to make it fit good (I intentionally make it transparent). And then drop it to bottom using this method.

6.2 lowering an object to bottom

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