Working with Grid in Inkscape

Grid is a feature which available in most of graphic design software. Grid is and organized lines for guiding graphic design (Wikipedia). Design grid is easy to use and activate in Inkscape. There are 2 grids available, Rectangular grid and Axonomic grid. This page will explain how to activate it.

Grid in graphic design is used as a tool for composing, arranging the composition of visual objects, in other terms used to assist with the layout, the object consists of graphic elements, namely; letter and image. Usually the arrangement of letters consists of the placement of the title (headline), script (BodyText), or other arrangement that uses elements of the letter. While the use of images consisting of; images in the form of photographs, illustrations, clipart, and so on.

Grid functions, in addition to the tool arrangement composition in two-dimensional space. the grid can create the properties related to appearance (performance) in the form of design, or it could create the specific impression; such as the nature of formal, non-formal, expensive, cheap, etc.

grid usage on other disciplines is almost similar but with different term, such as in the science of geology term grid called seismography which is a diagram in the form of a graph for measuring tremor recorded. On the economics of grid used as information data showing the number of figures on the growth of something related to the economic aspects, for example; balance sheet growth chart or diagram that shows about the index.

In Inkscape we can Activate Grid by using View > Grid. Or press # on your keyboard.

1. view page grid in inkscape

And a framework of horizontal and vertical lines will appear. These lines will help us make better drawing especially images which need accurate calculation like Icons, banners, magazine layouts, Logos and others.

2. activating grid in inkscape

Grid helps guiding to make proportional images as seen on this phone image below.

3. grid helps guiding make objects in inkscape

Grid also help us make better detailed objects, like smoothing object’s corner. In Inkscape if you zoom and object while the grid is active, it will come with more detailed grid so you can make better drawing.

4. unsmooth object corner inkscape 5. smoothened object with inkscape

Grid in making Icons as posted by Google.
Product icon grid

The product icon grid has been developed to facilitate consistency and establish a clear set of rules for the positioning of graphic elements. This standardization results in a flexible but coherent system.

6. product icon grid


Preset standards have been determined for specific keylines: circle, square, rectangle, orthogonals, and diagonals. This small palette of universal and simple elements has been developed to unify Google system icons and systemize their placement on the icon grid.

7. grid and geometry

Grid used in Optical corrections of icons

Extreme scenarios that call for subtle tweaks add to the legibility of an icon. Instances where complex details are unavoidable require adjusting metrics.

If optical corrections are necessary, only use the consistent geometric forms on which all other icons are based. Don’t skew or distort the forms.

8. optical icon corrections

Grid in making Cropped object and detailed object.

9. grid function in making better object images icons

We can make great Icons and logos and other great images using inkscape with its grid feature. I am often using it by pressing # (or shift+3) in my laptop.

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