How to Draw Triangle using Inkscape

If you are new to Inkscape, you might confuse about how to draw triangle since the are no tools named “triangle tool” in Inkscape. Basically there are two ways to draw a triangle using inkscape.

Triangle objects are necessary to draw a lot of drawing especially mechanical or mathematical stuff. That’s why I will just share this to you to make you able to draw it faster.

How to Draw Triangle in inkscape using Polygon Tool

You can draw a triangle using polygon tool. This is the most simple way. Just Click the polygon tool Icon in the toolbar. Or simply press (*) on your keyboard.

1. inkscape polygon tool

In the property bar, Choose Regular Polygon and Set the number of corners to 3.

2. setting number of polygons in inskcape

You can start drawing the triangle just like drawing rectangle or ellipse.

3. how to draw triangle using inkscape

The thing is.. the triangle drawn is not automatically stand up straightly so you have to rotate it. Using a Guide line might help you doing that.

4. using guidleline to make triangle

The plus side of using polygon tool to draw triangle is that you are able to set the round corner. You can increase the value of Rounded in the property bar;

5. how to create round triangle in inkscape

Drawing Triangle Using Pen tool

The second way to draw triangle in inskcape is using pen tool (Shift+F6). There are many kind of triangle you can draw using Pen tool since the tool is so flexible.

To draw good and perfectly straight lines, it is strongly recommended to activate the Page Grid (#).

Always click on grid intersection to make the nodes in good position, each time your cursor pass the grid intersection it will ask you if you want to put a node in there.

6. handle to grid intersection option in inkscape

You can now draw any triangle you want to draw just by clicking on the grid intersection. Like drawn below;

7. how to draw triangle vector

Deactivate the grid once you done drawing.

I hope this help you understand how to draw triangle using inkscape. Thanks for visiting.

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