How to Add Material Design Color Palette in Inkscape

So a few days ago I shared a tutorial about how to draw an illustration of recharging phone’s battery. I suggested that the color is good using meterial design color in that tutorial. Since Inkscape does not have material design color palette by default, we have to download and install it manually. But don’t worry because installing new swatches/color palette are so easy.

For you guys that like to make mockup design or UI Kit guided by Gooogle design guideline. Google has given the ease with providing material design color swatches for graphics software. Unfortunately only available for Illustrator and Photoshop. What about the for the Inkscape and GIMP users??

Actually we wanted to create a color swatches for Inkscape and GIMP. It turned out that someone already make it and so complete in accordance with the Google design guideline Color. The color swatches was created by KiSSFLOW that we found in its Github account. No license mentioned but we were referring to this

Public repositories on GitHub are often used to share open source software. Open source software is software that is licensed so that others are free to use, change, and distribute the software.

How do you Install it in Inkscape? We recommend you download it first before we start the way. The Color swatches can be installed in both Inkscape and GIMP, But in this page we are only discuss about how to install it in Inkscape.

Well here’s how:

Extract the zip file that you downloaded, you will find the file-Material Design.gpl

Copy the file to this directory (according to your OS)

  • Linux: /usr/share/inkscape/palettes/
  • Windows: :\Program Files\Inkscape\share\palettes
  • Mac: /Applications/

I am using Windows, so here it is looks like on my computer directory:

1. how to instal google material design palettes

Now open Inkscape, you can open color swatches on the View >> Swatches or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + W

2. inkscape swatches

Click on the arrow you can see in the upper right corner

3. inkscape swatches list

Click Material Design.

4. google color guide in inkscape

The Material Design Color Swatches are now ready to use.

5. how to use google material design in vector

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