Faster way to Add, Recolor and Remove Stroke

If you are new to Inkscape, probably you still use a long way to add, recolor or remove stroke in inkscape like going to Object menu, Clicking Fill and Stroke and pick the color or set stroke size to zero to remove the stroke.

Well, you don’t have to go that far, there is a faster way to do it.

Adding Stroke

If you draw an object and it has no stroke, you can simply add it by right-clicking the black color in color palette or swatches (black color is default stroke color in inkscape), and click Set Stroke.

This way works with multiple object selection

1. how to add stroke quickly in inkscape

Here is the result;

2. adding stroke quickly in inkscape vector tutorials

Recoloring Stroke

Sometime we are not satisfied with default color of stroke especially if we are working on a lineart or simple style. Well we can simply change the color by right-clicking the desired color in color palette or color swatches and select Set Stroke.

This time I use color swatches (material design from google). The right image is the result.

This way works with multiple object selection

how to recolor stroke or uotline in inkscape

Removing Stroke

To remove stroke in inkscape you don’t have to go Object >> Fill and Stroke >> Set Stroke size to 0. You just to select (or multiple select) the desired object then Right-Click the X mark (none) on the leftmost of color palette and click Set Stroke.

Here is a picture of example:

5. how to remove stroke quickly in inkscape

Removing all Stroke of drawing

Sometime we want our drawing have a clear looking like flat style drawing. You can remove all stroke in your drawing just by pressing Ctrl+A (all object will be selected) and right-click on X mark in leftmost of color palette and click Set stroke. Just like this;

6. free rabbit vector

Removing all color fill and leaving only Stroke

You might often see people share their drawing with only stroke which looks like a perfect sketch of the work. Actually they are just remove every fill in the drawing. You can do this too by Selecting all object (Ctrl+A), Select a color for your outline as explained before, and then click none / no color in color palette.

how to make sketch of drawing vector

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