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Tiled Clone Feature in Inkscape, Helps Creating High Resolution Periodic Table of Elements

Inkscape has a very good feature called Tiled Clone. This feature used in many vector creations especially patterns. This time we will use Tiled Clone to create a High Resolution Periodic Table (HD Periodic table) of Elements

How to Draw Triangle using Inkscape

If you are new to Inkscape, you might confuse about how to draw triangle since the are no tools named “triangle tool” in Inkscape. Basically there are two ways to draw a triangle using inkscape. Triangle objects

Using RGBA Color Code in Inkscape

Most of tutorial written by me provide RGBA Color Code to present what color I am using. RGBA Color code is Hexadecimal RGBA value of the color. RGB is the color and A is the opacity (transparency).

How to Add Long Shadow Effect on Flat Design

There are basically 2 ways to add long shadow effect on flat design using Inkscape. Technically there are 86 ways but let’s focus on this 2. Just kidding bro, I don’t know either how much is it

How to Draw a Soccer Ball using 3D Polyhedron Render

There is simple way to draw a soccer ball using Inkscape. Most people just draw it manually or use tracing method to draw it. We are going to use 3D Polyhedron Render tool which give us an

How to Add Material Design Color Palette in Inkscape

So a few days ago I shared a tutorial about how to draw an illustration of recharging phone’s battery. I suggested that the color is good using meterial design color in that tutorial. Since Inkscape does not

How to Raise and Lower Objects in Inkscape

Have you ever draw some objects but when you color them the object orders are not on their right position? Yup I am often experiencing this too. But don’t worry because inkscape provides easy way to raise

Working with Isometric Grid in Inkscape

Isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions in technical and engineering drawings. It is an axonometric projection in which the three coordinate axes appear equally foreshortened and the angle between any

Working with Grid in Inkscape

Grid is a feature which available in most of graphic design software. Grid is and organized lines for guiding graphic design (Wikipedia). Design grid is easy to use and activate in Inkscape. There are 2 grids available,

How to Merge and Cut Objects in Inkscape – Bolean Operation

We can combine 2 or more objects, cut and object or make an objects from intersection in inkscape using boolean operations. The command is available on Path menu. There are eight Commands available: Union (Ctrl++) Difference (Ctrl+-)