Drawing Piano Chord Keys

Just done drawing some piano chord keys vector and I want to share how I draw it and the raw file of course.

I only use rectangle tool and pen tool (bezier) in for the drawing and text tool to add the text.

You can download the raw file here in deviantart

Here are the Piano Chord keys and chart:

Piano Chord Chart C

1. Piano Chord Chart C

Piano Chord Chart D

2. Piano Chord Chart D

Piano Chord Chart E

Piano Chord E chart

Piano Chord Chart F

4. Piano Chord Chart F

Piano Chord Chart G

5. Piano chord G chart

Piano Chord Chart A

6. Piano chord A chart

Piano Chord Chart B

7. Piano chord B chart

These chords are not even complete but most of them used frequently than other chords. This piano chord chart are also works as keyboard chord chart or melodica chord chart.

I know that it is not usual to use blue color as the main color instead of black. Because black color is too mainstream that’s why, sorry if sounds arrogant, not intentional at all.

How to draw the piano keys

Basically you just need Rectangle tool (F4) first to draw the big rectangle.

1. how to draw piano keys chart

Still using Rectangle tool, draw the Black key. And use pen tool (Shift+F6) to draw a straight line from top to bottom. Press Ctrl while drawing the line so it will be perfectly straight.

2. drawing keys of piano

Go to CC0/Public domain image stock, and look for piano keys for reference of your drawing. It is better for you to look at vector section and download the svg file. You will now have a reference about size of the black keys and the white keys. Apply it to your piano key drawing.

3. piano keys vector

Tips: After drawing the black key, Use Duplicate (Ctrl+D) Instead of Copy-Paste. Because the duplicated black key will be at the same position as the source and you just need to Ctrl+Drag them in order to get precise position of the keys.


I was initially hesitant to apply blue color to all object because black is really good looking for piano. But after look it for several times and consider it again, blue actually have a good looking as well.

4. how to draw piano chord chart

The color used is:

Note: to apply the RGBA color, you just need to go to Fill and Stroke (Ctrl+Shift+F), copy the code provided and paste to the RGBA column.

5. how to apply rgba color code in inkscape

Adding the Piano Key marker

I am using only Ellipse tool (F5) to make the piano key marker. Press Ctrl while creating the ellipse/circle to get symmetrical ellipse.

Here are the color:

Piano key marker for white keys:

  • Material design: Pink a200
  • RGBA: ff4081ff

Piano key marker for black keys:

  • Material design: Pink 900
  • RGBA: 880e4fff

drawing piano key chord chart


I use Humnst777 Bt for the font of this piano chord chart. It looks very suitable for the chart.

font for piano chord chart

Please let me know if you have a question about this tutorial. Thanks for visiting, have a great day :)

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