How to Draw Ice Cream – Inkscape Vector Tutorial

This time I will  share one of the most affordable sweetest thing ever, it’s Ice Creeeaaamm!!. Yup I will share about Ice-cream vector tutorial. A few days ago I made an Ice cream vector pack and I wanna share how I draw it with you.

Here is the drawing; Get the raw file here for your reference

Ice cream vector pack small

Usually I only create vector or drawing with flat color but this time we will learn a little about basic gradient color.

Allright now open your Inkscape and get ready because we are starting.

Step 1

Use Rectangle tool (F4), draw a rectangle – just imagine the normal Ice cream size. Drag the Round handle in the top-right-corner to bottom, You can see the size and the round property (Ry) below for reference; Color it dark chocolate (RGBA: 6d4c41ff).

1. drawing basic of ice cream vector in inkscape

Step 2

Duplicate (Ctrl+D) that object. Ctrl+Drag it to right and Color it darker (RGBA: 4e342eff). Send it to back using Lower (Page down) command.

2. drawing chocolate ice cream vector tutorial

Step 3

Duplicate (Ctrl+D) the first object we created and then press (Ctrl+() or click Path >> Inset. Color it darker (Same color as the object in the back).

3. giving inset to an object in inkscape

Step 4

Use Gradient tool (Ctrl+F1), Drag and drop from bottom-right corner to mid-top. Look at this picture below for reference:

4. how to add gradient in object using inkscape

Step 5

Duplicate (Ctrl+D) that gradated object. Color it white. Use Gradient tool again, Drag and drop from upper-left  corner to mid-bottom. Look at this picture below for reference.

5. how to add lighting to object in inkscape

Step 6

Just for final touch, we can add some cartoonish lighting in the top-left corner. You can use copy  of the  gradated object, cut it using other object, and then fix the nodes using shape tool. And then fix the size as you like.

6. simple lighting in inkscape

Step 7

Now we need to draw the stick to complete this ice cream vector. Basically it’s just the same way as doing Step  and Step 2. You can follow the value on my property bar below for your reference. Stick color: RGBA: c87137ff

7. how to draw ice cream stick inkscape vector tutorial

Step 8

Put the stick on Bottom-mid of the ice cream object and send it to bottom using Lower (page down) command.

Draw the Shadow using Rectangle tool and Lower command. It’s done. Shadow color: RGBA: a05a2cff

8. How to draw ice cream vector tutorial in inkscape

Drawing the Variations

There are so many kind of Ice cream with stick on earth and Inkscape helps us draw them. Do observation and imagination to create the drawing. Here are some popular ice cream drawing. I will just share the rough outline. The drawing method are the same with the ice cream vector tutorial above. Some of the ice cream vector (like the watermelon and grape) are drawn using pen / bezier tool instead of rectangle tool.

The Black and white Ice cream vector with a little melt on it.

9. Ice cream vector drawing using inkscape

Chocolate Ice Cream vector with a bite

10. ice cream vector with a bite

Red and yellow ice cream

11. sweet ice cream vector

Colorful Ice Cream

12. colorful ice cream vector inkscape

Strawberry Ice Cream vector

13. Strawberry ice cream vector inkscape

Watermelon Ice Cream Vector

14. watermelo Ice cream vector inkscape

Bar Ice Cream Vector

15. bar ice cream vector

Grape Ice Cream Vector

16. grape ice cream vector inkscape

That’s all I can share about drawing Ice Cream using Inkscape. Feel free to ask me via comment below. Sorry for my english if you confused with some grammar, Because I am actually Indonesian.

I hope this drawing ice cream tutorial helps you improve your drawing skill or experience using Inkscape. Thanks for visiting.

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