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Drawing Variety of Phone Vector Tutorial

Two weeks ago I shared a tutorial about how to draw a phone quickly. I made 5 other phone vector using the same phone that I shared in that tutorial. I am going to use these phone

Drawing Piano Chord Keys

Just done drawing some piano chord keys vector and I want to share how I draw it and the raw file of course. I only use rectangle tool and pen tool (bezier) in for the drawing and

How to Add Long Shadow Effect on Flat Design

There are basically 2 ways to add long shadow effect on flat design using Inkscape. Technically there are 86 ways but let’s focus on this 2. Just kidding bro, I don’t know either how much is it

How to Add Picture to text in Inkscape

You might want to add picture as the color of your text; like when you want to wish someone happy birthday with giving them a card with their face in the text. This is actually a basic

How to Draw a Soccer Ball using 3D Polyhedron Render

There is simple way to draw a soccer ball using Inkscape. Most people just draw it manually or use tracing method to draw it. We are going to use 3D Polyhedron Render tool which give us an

How to Add A Very Simple Watermark in Images

Some of us want to put attribution or credit manually on images. Especially if the images is for commercial purpose. There is a very simple way to add a simple, but still elegant watermark in inkscape. Basically

How to Draw Simple Calendar

A few days ago I uploaded an illustration of Data Security. Here is the picture and you can get the editable file here. There is a Desktop and a calendar in it. So I decided to make

How to Add Material Design Color Palette in Inkscape

So a few days ago I shared a tutorial about how to draw an illustration of recharging phone’s battery. I suggested that the color is good using meterial design color in that tutorial. Since Inkscape does not

How to Draw an Illustration of Recharging Phone Battery

How to Draw an Illustration of Recharging Phone Battery This time we will draw an illustration with a phone inside it, a recharging phone’s battery illustration. The tools used are more vary than the previous tutorial but

How to Draw a Phone Quickly in Inkscape

You can draw a phone quickly with only using Rectangular Tool in Inkscape. There are 4 total objects and what you need to do is to round the corner correctly. Since this is a flat illustration we