Monthly Archive:: June 2016

Working with Grid in Inkscape

Grid is a feature which available in most of graphic design software. Grid is and organized lines for guiding graphic design (Wikipedia). Design grid is easy to use and activate in Inkscape. There are 2 grids available,

How to Merge and Cut Objects in Inkscape – Bolean Operation

We can combine 2 or more objects, cut and object or make an objects from intersection in inkscape using boolean operations. The command is available on Path menu. There are eight Commands available: Union (Ctrl++) Difference (Ctrl+-)

Working with Selection Tools in Inkscape

Moving, Scaling and Transforming Objects Select and Transformation tool which more likely to call as Selector is a very basic tool in inkscape. Although this is a basic tool it is use a lot while drawing or

Hello world!

Hello world, this is our very first post. We will start sharing tutorials on how to use the tools in inkscape, drawing tutorials, news, and some Artworks around the web. Feel free to ask us anything related