How to Draw Ice Cream – Inkscape Vector Tutorial

This time I will  share one of the most affordable sweetest thing ever, it’s Ice Creeeaaamm!!. Yup I will share about Ice-cream vector tutorial. A few days ago I made an Ice cream vector pack and I

Tiled Clone Feature in Inkscape, Helps Creating High Resolution Periodic Table of Elements

Inkscape has a very good feature called Tiled Clone. This feature used in many vector creations especially patterns. This time we will use Tiled Clone to create a High Resolution Periodic Table (HD Periodic table) of Elements

Inkscape on Android

Inkscape is available on android. The interface is just like the inkscape on pc. You can make a design, drawing, vector, illustration on it. Really helpful app for users who have high mobility and still take free

How to Perform Basic Edit On Downloaded Vector (SVG Files) from Internet such as Pixabay and OpenClipArt

Some of bloggers (and other users) a little bit confused about how to edit the downloaded vector they got from internet. Usually about how to Recolor or move some objects in the file. Well, this mostly happens

How to Draw Partial Infographic Vector

This is Part 2 of Infographic Icons drawing tutorial. Read Part 1 here. There will be 9 in total an I am still working on it. How to Draw Infographic Vector When writing infographic post or presentation,

How to Draw Analytic or Statistic Vector

Drawing Statistic Icon Tutorial Hello again, This time I will share about drawing analytic or statistic Infographic Icon. This Icons was made using basic tools in inkscape and is pretty easy for beginners. This post is part

How to Create an Awesome Feathered Background in Inkscape

InkscapeTutorials.Org – In this tutorial, you are going to learn a technique in inkscape to create a soft, feathered background. The beauty of this technique comes from the fact that it relies heavily on clones, and live

How to Draw Favicon using InkScape

What is a Favicon A favicon (short for favorite icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons, associated with a

Resizing or Rotating Selected Nodes of a Path

A little known feature that was introduced in Inkscape 0.48 was the ability to resize and rotate selected nodes in a path using on-screen handles. These handles behave in the same manner as when rotating or resizing

Faster way to Add, Recolor and Remove Stroke

If you are new to Inkscape, probably you still use a long way to add, recolor or remove stroke in inkscape like going to Object menu, Clicking Fill and Stroke and pick the color or set stroke